Bakewell Bird Study Group’s New Season 2018/19

Many of our birds will have had a difficult time this summer, especially those newly fledged youngsters, coping with the record breaking temperatures and dry conditions we have all been experiencing. Only time will tell what effect it has had on them. It is good that a great many of us feed the birds in our gardens, helpfully putting out both food and water.

Are there times you wish you could identify some of the less common birds that visit or when hearing one singing hidden from view amongst foliage have wished you could tell what it is from its song? The Blackcap shown in our photograph is one of those birds that is often heard but not often identified. Or maybe you regularly walk in the countryside observing the birds as you go and can identify most of them, or are already a seasoned birder.

Whatever the depth of your knowledge Bakewell Bird Study Group is sure to have something in their programme to interest you.

On the second Monday evening of each month from September through April members and interested visitors meet at the Friends Meeting House off Matlock Street in Bakewell for presentations on bird related subjects. These are given by invited individuals, experts in their fields, accompanied by beautiful photography.
Walks and trips are organised throughout the year to interesting locations, sometimes coastal, where the more experienced members will assist with identification of both birds and birdsong.

Our autumn programme of meetings commences at 7.30 on Monday September 10th with Nigel Slater giving a talk on Bird Migration. Nigel gave us a very entertaining and informative talk in 2017 and he is back by public demand. He will explain how birds know where they are going when they haven’t been there before and how they find their way. He looks at record breakers and the recent developments in technology which allow individual birds to be monitored continuously even when in Africa. Not to be missed!

Why not come to our first meeting and join the group? It’s only £15 per annum and for that you get seven talks and a similar number of outdoor walks. Alternatively it’s £3.00 on the door for non-members. Meetings are listed in the Peak Advertiser and at Bakewell Tourist Information Office or visit the BBSG web site at or call 07768 928432.