Welcome to Bakewell Bird Study Group, please use the links above to navigate the site. If you would like to get in touch or find out more please use the contact details for the relevant person on our committee page. A selection of local sightings and what we have recently been up to can be found by clicking here and a full history of the group can be found at the bottom of this page.

Our next indoor meeting is:

  • AGM and ANOTHER NATURE RESERVE OF MY OWN by Brian Shaw on 11th Mar 2019 7:30:pm, at Friends Meeting House
    The March meeting is on the 11th and is a chance to hear the group’s chairman Brian Shaw describe his experiences of enhancing the wildlife in his three acres of woodland on Froggatt Edge.  Putting up nest boxes has attracted pied flycatchers, tree creepers and nuthatches as well as tawny owls and mandarin ducks. The oak trees planted in 1993 have now matured and sustain a healthy population of caterpillars which provide food for the birds. As well as propagating native bluebells Brian has introduced primroses, snowdrops and encouraged anything that could provide nest sites or food for birds and small mammals and there is also a thriving badger sett.  This should be one of the more light hearted talks this year but hopefully no less entertaining. It will be slightly shorter than normal as the AGM will be held afterwards. Visitors are welcome to stay for the AGM or leave after the coffee break if they wish but members are urged to stay.
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Our next field trip is:

  • LEIGHTON MOSS (Minibus) on 23rd Feb 2019
    Our February field trip on 23rd  is to the RSPB reserve at Leighton Moss in Lancashire famous for its Bitterns and Bearded Tits and one of the best places for birds in the north of England.A large site with a good mix of habitat. Having a large reedbed, we may see species like water rail, bittern and bearded tit. Come to our next meeting and sign up for the minibus but please remember it’s members only on our field trips
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History of the group

Bakewell Bird Study Group was first formed because in the early 1980’s, the University of Sheffield ran several Adult Education courses in Bakewell, Derbyshire.  One of these was a very successful course in Ornithology. After about five years the course finished and courses on other aspects of natural history took its place.

The Ornithology class members were keen to continue and decided that one way of doing this was to form a local independent group. After much persuasion from former class members, in particular Margaret Warren and the late Joan Challinor, an informal meeting was held in July 1987 with the above two ladies and the class tutor – Alan Gladwin, to look at the possibility of forming such a group.

We had no membership and no organisation so we appointed ourselves as committee members and along with other ‘volunteers’ formed a one year steering committee.

An indoor and an outdoor meetings programme was put together with the first indoor meeting taking place in early September 1987 Over 70 people came to the first meeting. During the first year the steering committee met on a monthly basis and the Group logo (the Dipper) was chosen and a constitution written.

The Group aim was to promote an interest in wild birds, their habitats and conservation with particular reference to the Bakewell area (the four 1km squares SK16, SK17, SK26, & SK27) by means of lectures, discussions, field trips and ‘other appropriate activities‘. The aims of the Group remains the same today and ‘other appropriate activities‘ include a call-over at the indoor meetings, the collation of local bird records, a Group newsletter, a library, local nest box schemes, and a now bi-annual all day watch.

Two ten year reports have been produced, summarising the status of the local bird population. The Group maintains an interest in the development of the lagoons at Middleton Moor.