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Why some birds are successful – an expert view.

The speaker, Paul Hobson a well known wildlife photographer who wrote the marvellous book ‘Wild Derbyshire’ illustrated with his fabulous pictures so expect some incredible slides.  His talk is about ‘Why Gardens are Good for Birds’.   At a time when birds in our agricultural areas are steadily declining the importance of gardens with their diversity of habitat and ready food supply is becoming more apparent. Birds which were rarely seen such as bullfinches, siskins and long tailed tits are now regular in Derbyshire gardens and most have goldfinches (photo) arguably the most colourful of all our garden birds. Even though the sparrow hawk may not always be a welcome visitor when it comes to grab an unsuspecting bird from a feeder it is nevertheless a spectacular sight with its vivid yellow eye.  No doubt Paul will tell us how to make our gardens even more attractive to birds so please come to hear him speak. The talk comes just after the publication of the RSPB garden bird watch report so is very timely. Guests are always welcome so why not come along.