BIRD MIGRATION – Nigel Slater (With DOS)

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Man has been fascinated by bird migration since ancient times asking questions like ‘how do they know where they are going if they have not been there before?’ ‘How do they know when to stop and when to return?’  ‘How do they find their way?’  Nigel Slater will answer these questions and explain how weather affects migration at Bakewell Bird Study Group’s next meeting on April 10th.  He looks at record breakers and the recent developments in satellite technology allowing individual birds to be monitored every day even when in Africa, for example the cuckoo fitted with a transmitter in our photo. It is exciting times for birdwatchers with regular new discoveries. This is a talk for the whole family. You will be amazed how tiny bundles of feathers can travel backwards and forwards across the planet year after year.  Don’t miss this one!

A continually evolving subject as the technology advances. Nigel’s talk includes the latest revelations as well as historic information and a plethora of science, pictures and maps.

Joint meeting with DOS