AGM + Bird Migration – Fascinating Discoveries by NIGEL SLATER

Event Details

Ringing birds has given us a lot of useful information about bird migration but the miniaturisation of satellite tracking devices attached to birds has provided the means to greatly enhance our knowledge, constantly providing exciting new discoveries. Nigel Slater will give us an insight into the latest news. The bird world was excited last year by the news that a bar tailed godwit had broken the record for the longest ever non-stop flight – from Alaska to Tasmania, 8000 miles in 11 days. A godwit is a wading bird not a seabird so it can’t rest on the water, it has to keep going.  The satellite tracker weighed only 5g on a bird which weighs 300g. Quite remarkable!

Preceded by a short AGM.  Visitors are welcome to come to the AGM or arrive a little later at 7.45pm.