Event Details

Geoff Trinder is the speaker at our next meeting on November  11th . Geoff retired after 31 years as head of art at a comprehensive school to concentrate on wildlife including management of a nature reserve for the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. Later he turned to photography and takes many of his photos in his 2 acre garden created to encourage wildlife. He has also travelled widely and we can expect some exciting images from all over the world.

His topic will be ‘Birds of Prey’ which are always exciting and often controversial. It can be upsetting to see a sparrow hawk taking a blue tit from a garden bird feeder but expert opinion is that top prey species are necessary to maintain healthy populations.  Geoff will show us the tiny pygmy falcon, smaller than a blackbird, from the arid regions of Africa to the magnificent Stellers sea eagle on the ice flows in Japan. Closer to home we’ll see sparrow hawks in the garden, kestrels nesting in straw stacks and merlins preying on little terns. No doubt this will provoke a lively discussion as often happens at our meetings.